Venezuela Zona Gris


One term would have to adhere to the analysis of the Venezuelan tragedy: the meaning of the Gray Zone. In a timely investigative work, the Venezuelan journalist Ibéyise Pacheco scrutinizes how Nicolás Maduro, to the detriment of Venezuela, coexists with criminal groups along with the interference of Russia, China and Iran, countries that coincide in their antagonistic position with the United States.

In Pacheco’s diagnosis, the Gray Zone is drawn as a territory built by groups or countries that take advantage of the State vacuum to blur borders. The Gray Zone is usually sustained by local wealth exploited by irregular armed groups linked to illegal trade such as drugs and who usually enjoy synergy with those who exercise power.

The Gray Zone usually grows from a society in crisis that is the victim of a plan that is developed in cyberspace and that is imposed with technological power and an efficient narrative that manipulates the truth and massively spreads propaganda matrices, managing to control opinion. public.

This diagnosis is deepened by Ibéyise with a narrative that aims to warn about the danger of ignoring it. He also scrutinizes the battle for the story where China and Russia seem to have taken clear advantage.

Without the need to cling to the concept, the Gray Zone is detected controlling a large part of Venezuela, and beyond, its intention to spread throughout Colombia and the rest of the Latin American region is perceived, without the due alarms being activated yet.

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